Ghana Paragliding Festival 2019 & Lake Bosomtwe Experience


It's World Tourism Day on Sep 27!

Thanks for looking to join the Ghana Paragliding Festival (September edition) this year!

Pilots with a wealth of experience are selected and coordinated across several parts of the world, in order to cater for the diverse and dynamic nature of participants who come from across the world to fly and have fun. These pilots are flown in from various destinations and well hosted by the Ghana Tourism Authority.

Encounter Ghana from Sep 27-29 though a paragliding experience at Kwahu, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, approximately a 3-4 hour's drive from Accra, to celebrate the occasion. We spend 1.5 days in Kwahu, lodging at Jay's Lodge and 1.5 days at the serene Wildwin Resort at Abono, Lake Bosomtwe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Trip Itinerary

Sep 27 (Kwahu)

- Departure (from Accra)

- Arrival (Kwahu)

- Atibie Hike & Cave visit

- Breakfast

- Paragliding

- Dinner

- Cultural & Night Hike/ Tour

Sep 28 (Kwahu + Lake B.)

- Breakfast

- Abetifi Tour

- Departure (from Kwahu)

- Arrival (Wildwin, Lake B.)

- Activities of choice (not included in package)

- Lunch

- Swimming/ Games/ Relaxation

- Dinner

Sep 29 (Lake B.)

- Breakfast

- Swimming/ Games/ Relaxation

- Lunch

- Departure (Wildwin, Lake B.)

- Arrival (Accra)

Trip Package

For 3-day trip, fees cover transportation, accommodation, breakfast, paragliding fees, Abetifi and Culture Night Hike & Tours only.

* 3-day pack 1 (Single Occupancy: Day 1 Room; Day 2, Room)

* 3-day pack 2 (Single Occupancy: Day 1 Room; Day 2, Tent/ Dorm)

* 3-day pack 3 (Per Person Sharing: Day 1 Room; Day 2, Room)

* 3-day pack 4 (Per Person Sharing: Day 1 Room; Day 2, Tent/ Dorm)

For day-return trip, fees cover paragliding fees and transportation only.

Encounter Ghana branded T-shirts will be provided.

Trip Fees

3-day trip starting from GHS1,150.00 - GHS1,400.00

Day-return GHS610.00

For more details, visit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W2JU_Pxzi1oXFgijAZVQ-daUw-tNbzCe/view?usp=sharing

NB: Fees paid are up to 40% refundable with cancellations 72 hours prior to trip date; none after the 72-hour window has elapsed.

Registration Details

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbtrm-zjLTx3u3NOuJvv3xcLbUUNPDW51e_QGPtkNTi_wB2Q/viewform?usp=sf_link

Trip Arrangements

We meet at the Coca-Cola Bus-stop opposite Accra Mall on Friday, Sep 27 (3-day tripmakers) and Saturday, Sep 28 (Day-return tripmakers) at 4:30AM and depart not later than 30mins after. Departure time is prompt so we avoid traffic to make the most of the day of travel. No Ghana-man time! 😄

Join this amazing experience - an adventure packed and chill weekend out!

For further inquiries, please email encountergh@gmail.com or call +233 24 915 4003.


Encounter Ghana


Location(s) Date(s)
Ghana From: 27th Sep, 2019 @ 04:30 AM To 28th Sep, 2019 @ 04:30 AM


3-day pack 1 (Sep 27-29) GHS 1400
3-day pack 2 (Sep 27-29) GHS 1270
3-day pack 3 (Sep 27-29) GHS 1250
3-day pack 4 (Sep 27-29) GHS 1150
Day-return (Sep 28) GHS 610



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