Eco Sustainability MasterClass


Eco Sustainability Masterclass is designed for professionals ,community leaders , Individuals , SME, NGO etc. involved in waste management, green Business ,environmental education programs or looking to start a sustainable product line and Sustainable Packaging .The Eco Sustainability Masterclass will provide technical instruction in addition to hands on training by industry experts from the EPA , investment practitioners, experimental innovations , circular economy design experts to run this 2 days program, The Masterclass will involve a combination of lectures, discussions and hands o activities to provide a collegial and experience-based learning environment.

Scheme of work includes:

1.Starting An Eco Business 101

2. Learning About The Different Environmental Ecosystem .

3. Introduction To Sustainable Business Model.

4. How To Innovate For Environmental Sustainability.

5. Circular Economy Design , Best Practices And New Innovations Expose . 6. Assess The Role Of Recycling/Composting In Sustainable Waste Management And Resource Management. 7. Financing Green Business.


Waste Or Create


Location(s) Date(s)
Afro-Arab Group of Companies, Accra, Ghana At 1st Jan, 1970 @ 00:00 AM


Standard GHS 200

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